Welcome to The Ministry Of Flying – Aircraft Management & Flying Outside The Box

Professional flying and ground training with semi retired Midlands based LHR Airbus A321 Captain

FI Courses,  RT training and examination, PPL Training and Skill Tests, Licence renewal


 High standard one to one  professional PPL flying training. Advice freely given anytime, contact me at ministryofflying AT Gmail.com.

I can complete your PPL or give you a complete flying and ground course, as well as completing the 9 mandatory examinations for you.

FI Course, PPL Training, One or Half Day PPL ground school – any subject any day, anywhere!

Ad hoc one day courses, any subjects, available Monday – Saturday on selected days to suit you.

Professional flying instruction with former LHR Airbus Captain

Over 22,000 hours from a Tipsy Nipper to an A321 Airbus!

Former chief pilot & training captain

2 RAF Central Flying School above average assessments as a flying instructor

Flying instructor to:

Sir Richard Branson, Nigel Mansell CBE, Jasper Carrot OBE, Sir Godfrey Messervy (Chairman of ASDA), Peter Armitage (Chairman of Birmid Qualcast), Peter Prior OBE (Chairman of HP Bulmer), The Earl of Seafield

Ex CFI three flying schools

Executive jet captain for Lucas Industries

CFI  and MD of the first UK dedicated flying instructor training school in 1982

Instructor from Guernsey  to Sumburgh in the Shetland Islands

But finally and most importantly, STILL LEARNING!

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5 thoughts on “Welcome to The Ministry Of Flying – Aircraft Management & Flying Outside The Box

  1. Hi Captain John, as far as I know you have still not detailed the mistakes made in the Humberside taxiing accident? Please enlighten us!

    • Yes Peter you are quite correct and you have reminded me that I need to publish it, thank you! I have been writing to various agencies and asking for answers but mostly they do not reply and show no interest in this incident.

      At any one time there are over a 100 articles in preparation on my blog but because I spend so much time revising and rethinking each article it can be 1-3 years before its published. Some articles are extensions of what we will use for training so I do need to be sure they are well thought out, correct and best practice.Some articles are based on new ideas that I am trialling, for instance at the moment I am thinking of changing Ex 4 Effects of Controls to Exercise 4 Effects of Controls & Attitude Flying because the early learning of attitude flying is actually more important that effects of controls! My article on ‘Commentary Flying Instruction’ has been two years in the making, so you see it takes time!

      What does tend to get published are things that are quick to prepare such as the two recent posts. I will now have a look at the Breighton post! Thank you for your interest oh and no need to call me captain, JP will do!

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