Any PPL questions?

If there any PPL questions you have on the syllabus, technique, exams etc., I will try to answer them for you.


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8 thoughts on “Any PPL questions?

  1. Hi could you please email me some info on your intensive ground school package, iv passed air law but struggling to find the time to complete the others.



  2. Tips for landing a C172? Landing however – with CALM winds I am okay with the landings, but I can’t stop drift during a cross wind. I hold the elevator whilst the speed bleeds off (<50' agl), but I am yet to master constantly adjusting the aileron and rudder position.

    Example. Last week with a wind from the left I was giving a touch of right rudder at about 20' agl, but I drifted to the right. I figured I needed some left aileron to compensate. On the next approach I try this but I haven't judged the wind and find there was no wind! Landed hard on the right wheel.

    Is it practice or are there any drills I can try to remember to help?

    • Crosswind Landings

      I just love crosswind landings and they are so easy once you have the technique. There are 3 methods.

      1. Sideslip into wind all the way down the approach and land one wing into wind-good for practice-tiring on the approach, uncomfotable for pax.
      2. Crab all the way down the approach and atthe last second straighten up and land-requires high degree of accuaracy – good luck!
      3. Combination method- crab down approach- at 50 feet start cross controlling to stop drift-land on into wing wheel with wing down-easy method-and MY METHOD! works on all aircraft.
      4 Actually I lied there are 4 methods the last is land with all the drift on and let the aircraft straighten itself up, OUCH!-this is what I call the training captains method as when I joined the airlines Inoticed how few training captains landed with zero drift in crosswinds!

      OK how do you do it?
      Well first of all you have to be able to fly an aircraft with cross controls. Normally you apply into turn rudder-yes? In this situation we are going to use out of turn rudder, this gives unbalance and crossed controls. Practice the control movements on the ground and think what you are going to do with the control after 50 feet.
      This cross controlling gives a sidelip or sideways movement of the aircraft, this is what we want in th last stages of the crosswind landing, we want to move the aircraft into wind at the same velocity that its trying to move us across the runway. Now the probem is you have to still carry on landing te aircraft as you do in a normal landing whikle this is all going on so:


  3. Roger, wilco! I think I was using method 4 last week. I was kicking in the right rudder but then the drift started. I was far too late on the wing down/cross control. Also, I was in a rush because I had an evening appointment. Must do better!

    Booked up for another lesson on Monday evening. Let’s see how the wind is then. Will report back soon.

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