They Say A Good Landing Starts From A Good Approach – Does it?

A good landing starts from a good approach, we have all that heard that one before! Actually a good landing starts a long time before that, most likely back in the clubhouse. It’s the attitude and knowledge that you walk to the aircraft with that will decide what sort of pilot you will be and that can also help with your landings.

Most instructors will tell you that you need an aircraft to teach landings but I won’t!  An aircraft is the worst classroom in the world, if you were designing a classroom would you make it look like a training aircraft cabin, I don’t think so and thats before we even propel it through the air at 100 mph with you hanging onto the controls? A lot of the pain could be taken out of landing training if much more time was spent in the classroom talking about theory, stalling, slow flight etc… Spending time looking at videos and pictures of landing aircraft. Using model aircraft to simulate the stages of the approach and landing. So much can be done in the classroom, so many questions can be asked and its so much easier to check for understanding in the classroom rather than in the confines of  a cockpit at 100 feet.

Of course aircraft only earn money when they are in the air and instructors and student pilots naturally want to fly, not be stuck in a classroom so this opportunity is not always explored in the way that would be most beneifical to the student.

Captain Jons Training Tips

Understand what happens at the approach to the stall in regard to lift and drag especially on the approach, landing and go-around.

Understand the unique qualities and presence of induced drag.

Look at a nosewheel assembly and a mainwheel assembly, understand the mechanics and the limitaions.

Ensure you understand the function of the nosewheel assembly.


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