Anyone Fancy a Low Level Steep Turn?

Two accidents that happened within a few miles of each other in the 1970s shew the dangers of making steep turns near the ground. The first  is loss of control following a steep turn and the second a stall in a steep turn.

In this accident the pilot, Prince William of Gloucester,  was killed in an air race at Halfpenny Green.

This next one was at the former Wolverhampton airfield and is weather related, it contains many lessons and a series of error chains. This accident was the final nail in the coffin of Wolverhampton (Pendeford) Aerodrome which closed soon afterwards.

Always remember the stalling speed increases at the square root of the total wing loading (weight)

60 degree bank turn = 2g  – square root of 2 = 1.414 so 41% increase in stall speed. That’s above your approach speed in most aircraft-think about it!


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