Staying Cool In A Crosswind!

This was an answer to one of my ground students who recently viewed this video of some awful cross wind landings.

Crosswind- watch the link for some poor examples!

You need to be well practiced in crosswind landings to be able to execute them well, clearly most of these pilots were not and were prepared to take a chance. It’s essential to keep the crab angle on till at least crossing the threshold and then as you straighten the aircraft up with rudder you need to wind on opposite aileron.

You do need to be forceful and really fly the aircraft, control inputs must be positive and confident so that you stay on the centreline and touchdown on one wheel with the into wind wing down.

No need to show off though, just enough wingdown so you sideslip into wind enough to arrive without any drift on that mainwheel.

It doesn’t finish there as you can also see from the rollouts in the video, most are worse than the landings. Once you are down-get full into wind aileron applied and some forward elevator to get the nosewheel on and keep it on, this is NOT the time to try a smooth landing, you have to fight into onto the ground sometimes and that’s what catches people out. You must keep straight and keep the weight on the wheels, dumping flap on light aircraft can help-its the flight manual technique on the Cessna 152.

The landing is not over till you leave the runway, preferably by a taxyway!

In conditions like this you must have GO AROUND clearly in your mind and be ready to throw away the approach right up to a few feet above the runway and divert to your alternate, choose another runway or hold
for the wind to change.

Talking about diverting -what would you do and where would you go If your home airfield became unavailable? It is amazing how many instructors never teach any diversion action or appreciation at all until the student gets onto cross country flying.


Followed by the knowledge and fuel to get there!

               Even if you can’t keep it on the runway always try and keep it shiny side up!


One thought on “Staying Cool In A Crosswind!

  1. Very cool article, I believe every pilot should train for crosswinds. My instructor was not that willing to let me practice crosswind landings the other day. For me to be an excellent pilot I need to be able to fly in anything, so I managed to convince him. It went quite well actually, I think I have the crabbing technique stuck in my head for future reference 🙂

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