UK Listening squawks

“Listening Squawks” (NEW in 2012)

The current list of listening squawks around the UK is:
0010 Birmingham 118.050 MHz
0011 Solent / Bournemouth 120.225 MHz / 119.475 MHz respectively
0012 Thames Radar/Gatwick 132.7 MHz / 126.825 MHz respectively
0013 Luton / Stansted 129.550 MHz / 120.625 MHz respectively
6170 Doncaster Approach 126.225 MHz
7045 Aldergrove Approach 128.5 MHz
7366 Manchester 118.575 MHz

Remember usual rules apply, you are not in receipt of a service and you must stay in Class G airspace, you cannot enter the CTA or CTR. Go back to another suitable squawk (eg: 7000-C) when you move away from the area or stop monitoring.


31st May 2012 onwards: 2677 Leeds Radar, 133.125 MHz
28th June 2012 onwards: 4572 East Midlands Approach 134.175 MHz
2nd July 2012 to 15th August Only: 5047 Farnborough West 125.250 MHz
14th July 2012 to 15th August Only: 1500 ATLAS NORTH, 1600 ATLAS SOUTH

Do professional instructors really talk like – BEAGLE?

ARROGANCE-the killer on the flight deck!

I am sure many of you have come across the P-Prune forum. Over many years I have watched with interest the antics of one character-BEAGLE! He is a highly intelligent, very experienced ex RAF pilot who finished on VC10s but appears to have chip on his shoulder about something or other because he does not seem to be able to express an opinion or disagree with anyone without a show of arrogance and rudeness.

The other interesting fact is that some of the others on this forum, a few who I know personally, always rush to his support. It reminds me very much of the playground bullyboy syndrome where the weak have to show allegiance to the bully at all costs, doesn’t matter what he says or does they will always be there to support the bully.

My point is however if you are thinking of becoming an instructor, or commercial pilot, this is not the way to talk to other people. As an aviation professional you will always hold some views and opinions different from your colleagues but the measure of a man is how he can voice these views without belittling or insulting anyone. Voicing your opinion in an arrogant or condescending manner can also completely stifle further debate with disastrous consequences-read the Tenerife accident if you need proof of this. The interesting fact is that it is because of these types of characters we have Crew Resource Management training. Arrogance on the flight deck is totally counter productive and a danger to safety.

You can certainly tell more about someone’s character by the way they disagree with someone else rather than the way they agree with them! Anyway have a read of the posts on this thread and see what you think. Could you make the same points but in a better way? I think most of you probably could. I find it at times difficult to believe that this man was an officer in what I respect as the best air force in the world-shame on you BEAGLE!

Wake Turbulence-it could really spoil your day

If you ever do hit wake turbulence from a large aircraft you will be surprised at just how violent it can be. At low altitude on the approach or take off path it can cause loss of control without any margin for recovery.

Ensure you fully understand this grave threat to your aircraft’s safety.

Oh and just in case you think it doesn’t apply to you in your light training aircraft read the accident above that killed the chief flying instructor and his student from the Oxford Ar Training School at Carlisle. He was probably one of the most experienced instructors in the UK at the time with over 14,000 hours.

The CAA have a safety sense leaflet that makes good reading too