Listening out is part of situational awareness

Listening out on the radio is an important part of situational awareness.

Listen to all radio calls and build a mental picture up of what is happening around you, this is especially important when you are flying into an unfamiliar area or airfield.

Tuning into a frequency a little earlier and listening to the traffic and what it is doing before you make your first call means you will already have an idea of the runway in use, the circuit direction and the density and position of traffic, as well as the altimeter settings.

Always think ahead-runway directions can change and the most obvious reason is because of wind changes. Light winds and/or crosswinds can result in last minute runway changes, be alert to this fact. Understand DIURNAL WIND CHANGES AND SEA BREEZES.

The UK Met Office has never produced a decent educational internet programme for pilots although our weather is the most variable in the world and there are many UK weather related accidents. The US however have produced an excellent PDF short guide to weather,although it’s oriented to the States!


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