Some Good ‘ How To Land Vids’ from U tube

Ok you asked for some good vids on how to land the aircraft. There are quite a lot of poor vids on U tube so beware. Notice how most instructors talk too fast and commentate rather than instruct (on the bad vids).

This one for instance-the vid is called ‘ how to land’ the aircraft but not once does the instructor ever tell us how to do it-this is commentary instruction. To learn to land you need an instructor not a commentator!

Here is another commentator disguised as an instructor. Captain Scott cannot stop talking (nobody ever told him about a sterile cockpit) luckily we can’t hear most of what he says till he closes the throttle and starts another pointless commentary-yes folks we are going down, there is know fooling Captain Scott!
“Once we get down there we start hauling back, hauling back then just kinda hold off”.  Yes folks Captain Scot sure knows how to teach a landing!

Try these, they are good:

Just caution on calling it a ‘climb attitude’ for landing. In some aircraft if you adopted a climb attitude in the flare you would strike the rear fuselage on the runway. The attitude you need is ‘The Landing Attitude’ and that can vary for every aircraft. Generally if you can see all of the runway in front of you your going to touch down on all three wheels!

THIS IS A GOOD VIDEO TO SHOW how that too high a roundout and flare prolongs the landing. The pilot rounded out too high and floated-probably excess airspeed-always cross the threshold at the correct airspeed



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