Once I thought I was indecisive but now I am not so sure

CAA tell us:

A CAA study examined 166 fatal accidents to UK light aircraft. That review was published as CAP  667  ‘Review of General Aviation Fatal  Accidents 1985–1994’, and this highlights some of the points made. Most accidents are the result of the pilot’s actions. This includes their skill level and, most important of all, the decisions that they make

Misunderstood by most instructors at all levels is that it’s the ability of a pilot to make good sound decisions that ensures the safety of the flight.

20 knots overspeed at 200 feet on the approach doesn’t kill you, its the decision you make in the next 200 feet that will prolong or shorten your life.

Decision making is a skill and like all skills it can be taught and practiced.

A good start is to read this from the FAA:



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