If you see trees, a kerb, speed bumps or lamposts you are probably not on a runway!

Morane Saulner Rallye 235E, G-MELV Date & Time (UTC): 24 August 2006 Location: New road, ½ mle south of Leominster, Herefordshre Persons on Board: Crew –  Passengers – None Injuries: Crew – None Passengers – N/A Nature of Damage: Severe damage to both wings and landing gear Commander’s Licence: Private Pilot’s Licence,Age: 68 years Commander’s Flying Experience: ,1207 hours (of which 86 were on type) The plot mistakenly landed on a road which he had misidentified as Shobdon’s Runway 27. The aircraft ran over a speed bump which caused the aircraft to veer off  the road and hit a lamp post and a tree.

History of the flight:

The pilot was on a cross-country flight from Coventry to Shobdon Aerodrome. The weather was good with a visblty greater than 10 km, a cloud base of 3,000 ft, and a northerly wnd of 5 to 20 kt. The pilot had not recently flown to Shobdon and had only landed there three times in his previous 27 years of flying. On approaching Shobdon he contacted Shobdon Radio and discovered that there were three other arcraft and a microlight also on approach to the airfield. Runway 27 (paved) was in use, with a landing distance available of 842 m and a width of 8 m. When the plot believed that he had the runway in sight he manoeuvred the aircraft to enter the circuit on a left base for Runway 27 and announced his intentions over the radio. Once on final approach he reported ‘finals’ but did not receive a reply. The ‘runway’ ahead was clear so he proceeded wth the landng. When close to touchdown the pilot noticed that the airfield was different from what he remembered. After touching down, the pilot noticed a kerb to the side and lamp posts to his left. (always a give away!) The plot had  landed on a new road that had not yet been opened. Shortly after touching down, the aircraft ran over a speed bump which caused it to veer left and leave the road. The left wing hit a small tree and the right wing hit a lampost which virtually sheered the wing off. From JP Its a novel way of saving a landing fee but an early or even late GA maybe be more cost effective in the long term.