No point checking the weather unless you act upon it!

Continuing the September theme of CFIT accidents here is a classic involving a pilot flying above safe altitude and then descending below it to get out of turbulence! Why fly over high ground in the first place in weather like that when enroute to Blackpool, he could have just as easily routed over the sea(or even stayed on the ground, which was the sensible option)? The forecast showed moderate to severe turbulence! Unbelievable that anyone should choose to fly a C150 over the Lake District in IMC with such a forecast. FLYING BITES FOOLS!, 

Ironically I spent many happy hours instructing in this very aircraft at Birmingham, it deserved a better ending! At least the pilot and passenger survived and they can count themselves very lucky.,%20G-AWLY%20%2009-88.pdf

g-awly a



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