Can you help with this accident at HUMBERSIDE?


The accident described below on the face of it would seem to be a simple taxying incident due to a misunderstanding of the taxy instructions given by ATC to the pilot.,%20G-BJCW%2010-13.pdf

Can I ask you all to have a look at this accident and answer the following for me please?

1 Do you think the information provided on the AAIB bulletin is comprehensive enough for you to understand the path taken by the aircraft from the light aircraft parking area to the point of impact? YES or NO

2 Do you think that ATC contributed to the accident by giving ambiguous instructions, if so how do think the instructions should have been given to the pilot and can you see were any  improvements could be made at Humberside to prevent a similar accident from reoccuring?

2 Do you think there are any unmentioned facts that could have contributed to this accident and would be a useful guide to preventing this accident reoccurring?

Please comment below the post at the bottom of the page (Leave a reply) or email me at askcaptainjon AT

I shall be making a further post in regard to this accident with my own findings at a later stage.

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I thank you all


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