RIP Nick Harper & Steve Harris – CFIT Kilkenny 1983

Ministry of Flying

In 1983 two dear friends and colleagues of mine died flying an IMC enroute descent with two passengers during a flight to Kilkenny in Ireland, it was such a waste of two young lives and so easily preventable. Sadly this type of accident still occurs time and time again today, in fact Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT)  continues to be one of the most common causes of fatal aircraft accidents to both GA and public transport aircraft.

cessna crashes on hill

I first posted about Steve & Nicks accident two years ago, the link is here

The understanding and adherence to strict enroute safety altitude discipline is the most important part of an instrument pilots situational awareness and it always amazes me how little attention even some experienced pilots and in particular instructors, pay to this vital discipline

If you are IMC and that includes poor visibility and forget all these ridiculous…

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