September 7th 1983 – STEVE HARISS & NICK HARPER RIP-They lived and died flying!

Ministry of Flying

In memory of STEVE HARISS & NICK HARPER update September 28th 2014

On the morning of September 7th 1983 4 very  happy people departed from Birmingham(EGBB) in a Cessna 182  for Killkenny (EIKL) in Southern Ireland, two hours later they would be all be dead on Ireland’s fourth highest mountain.

Routing overhead Strumble and then directly to Kilkenny, once they crossed the Irish coast they had just one obstacle to clear, Mount Leinster which is 2409 feet high but sadly the mountain claimed another aircraft that day.

Don’t find out your local safety altitude the hard way!

At 9.15 on that fateful morning they made their last ever radio call to Shannon,

” Descending from 6000 feet to 3000 feet”

12 hours later the wreckage was found just 30 feet from the summit of the mountain with the bodies alongside.

30 years later on September 7th (I wrote this on September…

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