It’s that HUMBERSIDE taxing accident again!

Can you help with this accident at HUMBERSIDE?

You may well remember that a couple of years ago I asked for your help with this taxing accident at Humberside.

We now have a 1000 more subscribers (over 2000 total) now and we have also have been discussing this incident on Instructor Course’s

So I have reproduced the original article with some changes. I will answer everything  by the end February.



The accident described below on the face of it would seem to be a simple taxying incident due to a misunderstanding of the taxy instructions given by ATC to the pilot.,%20G-BJCW%2010-13.pdf

Can I ask you all to have a look at this accident and answer the following for me please?

1. Do you think the information provided on the AAIB bulletin is comprehensive enough for you to understand the path taken by the aircraft from the light aircraft parking area to the point of impact? YES or NO

2. Do you think that ATC contributed to the accident by giving ambiguous instructions, if so how do you think the instructions should have been given to the pilot and can you see where any  improvements could be made at Humberside to prevent a similar accident from reoccurring?

3. Do you think there are any unmentioned facts that could have contributed to this accident and would be a useful guide to preventing this accident reoccurring?

4. (update) In my opinion there are some glaring errors made by all agencies relating to this incident. Can you see some of those omissions or errors. Not one of you has spotted them so far!

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14 thoughts on “It’s that HUMBERSIDE taxing accident again!

  1. First point is if you’re the Captain of the aircraft and even if you have ATC clearance, if you’re still un comfortable with an instruction you don’t have to take it if it creates a flight safety hazard in your opinion. “OK I guess but I’ll have a go” is not the right response.

    The controller could have said taxi on to taxiway Delta which would have been clearer than “take the concrete strip on your left hand side”

    When the controller spotted the a/c was in the wrong position they should have stopped them and or given them a progressive taxy instruction;

    In regards to the report, a line on the map/photo would have been useful from the parking point to impact point to show where the aircraft went and understand the confusion

    (Might be slightly unfair as I am familiar with the airport and the layout)


  2. Why did the pilot not have a detailed map / plan / Google Earth photo of the airfield taxiways and runways – this was his first visit and he should have planned it properly; ATC’s instructions were very poor and ambiguous but it is up to the pilot to question (and keep questioning) any doubtful instructions.

      • OK, although the pilot was new to the airfield he obviously must have landed there, taxied to the light plane park area and so should have known the route; why did he not just follow the route in reverse? The google earth photo shows an exit / entry way in the top corner of the grassed parking area – why was he not directed to use this?

  3. We cannot be sure if the pilot had flown into the airfield because the accident inspector hasnt bothered to find that out! Even if the pilot had taxied to the parking area on arrival there are two very different ways in so he could have ended up on one he was not familiar with on departure-again we are not told! I suspect when the ATC controller changed his mind and sent the pilot via the hard surface he put the pilot into very unfamiliar territory. More soon

  4. The report should have included a pictoral representation of the path of the aircraft because the description of it is unclear to the point of being unusable. ATC definitely contributed to the accident by using abysmal R/T like “that concrete strip to your left” rather than taxiway designators. As for the errors, I don’t know what exactly you’re referring to.

    • Thre are errors in the repoprt and the information it contains. The AAIB inspector should have picked up on some of the errrors that this event has thrown up but he did not-he also refused to discuss it further with me

  5. Is it not common practice at British airfields to have named taxi-ways (e.g.Alpha, Bravo, Charlie etc…) with painted yellow centrelines? The ATC would then have issued the instruction “taxi right on Alpha to the hold at the intersection with Delta”? The pilot would then have an unambiguous instruction and could use his airfield map to follow it.

  6. A simple drawing would have made the actual taxy routing easier to understand.Assuming that the intention was to join D then proceed via the Apron something like “taxy onto the ramp then right onto Delta ” would have been clearer.It is puzzling though why the pilot ignored the > boundary markers and why,having seen the post still collided with it,because “he had an ATC Clearance > >

    • Thank you Eon and thank you for your emails, still working on an answer to your query!

      Everyone has still missed some mistakes made by the inspector! I shall reveal all in April!

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