UK Relaxes PPL Medical Requirements

UK Relaxes PPL Medical Requirements

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has announced that medical requirements for some private pilots are to change, “in most cases, [removing] the need for General Practitioner (GP) or Authorised Medical Examiner involvement in the process.” The change follows a public consultation, in which 96 percent of those responding agreed with the proposal.

Next year the medical requirement for UK private pilot licence and national private pilot licence holders will be to meet the same standard as that required to hold an ordinary driving licence. Existing medical options (for example a UK declaration with GP counter signature) will remain available. The same options will also be available for private balloon pilots.

To take advantage of the change, pilots will need to complete a form on the CAA website to declare that they meet the DVLA medical standard. Pilots under 70 will need to do this once while pilots over 70 must confirm their declaration every three years.

The changes are planned to come into effect in late summer 2016 when a new version of the UK Air Navigation Order legislation will be published and which will contain these changes and other significant amendments for general aviation.

The announcement is in line with the CAA’s top level principles for GA regulation: “Only regulate directly when necessary and do so proportionately; Deregulate where we can; Delegate where appropriate; Do not gold-plate, and quickly and efficiently remove gold-plating that already exists; Help create a vibrant and dynamic GA sector in the UK.

The consultation response document can be seen at

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