HAPPY CHRISTMAS from Ministry of Flying

A Happy New Year and a Happy Christmas to you all!

2016 has been quite a year with the threatened closure of Wellesbourne Airfield due on the 31st December, this has now been postponed while legal arguments are heard. As one of the pilots who gave evidence to the planning committee for the reopening of the airfield in the early 80s and one of its first residents with my flying school, this is all very disappointing. I can’t see much light at the end of the tunnel as there is a £100 million at stake here if it is sold for housing but lets hope there is a good outcome!

Meanwhile at Halfpenny Green ex Westbeach Flight Academy Manager, Tim Brannon, was telling everyone on the airfield that his new flying school, Air Mid West, formerly Central Flight School (not a good idea to name your flying school after one up the road owned by someone you know) was going to receive a Libyan contract for the training of 13 pilots starting in September, imagine his surprise when all 13 Libyan students started training at the neighbouring Flightpath Flying School! Oh did we snigger!  Great news for HG though and its nice to see how busy the airfield is with our new Libyan friends who are all enjoying their time with Neil and his team.

Lets hope Tim finds better luck in 2017 but some more good news is that Westbeach will be back in 2017, bigger and better, watch this space for more details and keep sniggering!

Blue skies and happy landings