Update to Happy New Year 2017

Update to my last post (Happy New Year 2017)- Wellesbourne

Thanks to all our new subscribers, especially those from Halfpenny Green and nice to see my old friend RV back! It only seems like yesterday when we were at the Cosford Air Display. Remember DH Fox Moth G-AOJH doing pleasure flying and getting caught sitting in that Tiger Moth at Coventry!

BM & VM, great to see you at the reunion, you must hold the record for the amount of miles you used to drive to fly with me, 120! Amazing but there again you both always appreciated quality, didn’t you? (its PLs birthday on Sunday by the way) Chas & Dave’s Road Manager (Nipper) also used to drive from East London to Birmingham to fly with me every week! Last flight I ever did into WV, by the way, was with Chas & Dave. Mickey & Nipper for a local concert. There are still on the circuit but Nipper is gone and sadly the drummer, Mickey, has passed on.

There are now 2115 subscribers to this blog. Thanks for all the emails too, seems we all laugh at the same things!

I am in the process of tidying up this blog site as many of you have complained that you can’t reference blogs by exercise or subject, only by date which I think is common to WordPress blogs. I’ve already started by updating The PAGES shown at the top of the page and Ex 12 & 13 has been retitled and rewritten and ‘Wake Turbulence’ added. There are plans to transfer most of the articles to a website but I dont have much time at the moment so that could take some time.

Further to my last blog on Wellesbourne and the possible closure of Wellesbourme to build 1500 houses on the site, a mass fly in has been organised by  Wellesbourne-based group Landed Aviation, it is hoped celebrities such as Carol Vorderman, Worst Place to be a Pilot presenter Matt Dearden and motoring journalist Quentin Willson will also take part.

The fly-in is part of a major and long-running campaign to save the airfield from closure, with the plan to build 1,500 homes on the site meeting with fierce opposition.

In December, the Littler family who own the airfield , announced their intention to demolish many of the buildings used by the airfield operators in January 2017 but Stratford District Council took action to prevent it but the future of the airfield is still in doubt. Landed Aviation has also launched a petition to save Wellesbourne, which has gained more than 5,000 signatures. Please sign here sign here. as it is essential for Midlands GA that this airfield remains open. Be nice to see AOPA taking a pro active interest in this possible closure too!

Currently based at Wellesbourne are – Aeros, Take Flight Aviation, Heli Air, On-Track Aviation and South Warwickshire Flying School – the Touchdown Café and Avro Vulcan XM655.